Baby boy will be here soon!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hey there everyone! Well today the weather is much nicer outside, its sunny and 60 degrees, beautiful! Sometimes living in MO can get frustrating, one day its rainy gloomy and cold and the next its sunny and warm and then the next day its snowing, well i guess it keeps things interesting. I wanted to ask everyone to join in prayer with my for a little boy named Stellan, he is 4 months old and in the hospital with SVT, its a irregular heart rate and rhythum. To find out more please visit his mother's site at also i have a link of the left side of my blog that you can click on to get there.
I have had a great day so far, as most of you know, i watch 2 small children mon-wed and then the rest of the week i get to spend with Titus and Jarrell(when he isnt working), i couldnt ask for a better schedule because titus gets the interaction with other children, i get a little bit of income, and i get many days off to devote to my family as well as time to keep house, etc.
Now i would like to take the time to introduce to you:
Kylie Lynn Comer

Kylie is the little 18month old that i get the blessing to watch every mon-wed, she came to me when she 10 months old so i have gotten to see her go from just crawling to pulling up, to her first steps and now walking. Here is a picture of her and titus the first month i took care of her.
She is such a petite thing weighing only 22 pounds(2 less than titus and he is only 15 months). She is now talking also and can repeat almost anything i say. She knows many animals sounds also. I have a lot of fun watching her and her little brother Austin, and speaking of him here is his picture:
Austin Riley Comer

Austin is 5 months old and a little cutie, he is a very good baby. He enjoys sitting in the excersaucer and watching Kylie and Titus run around and play. He also loves the swing and will usually fall fast asleep after sitting in it for a few minutes.
Well i hope everyone is having a great day. I have soup in the crock pot for supper tonight, Jarrell is off today and out golfing right now so i know he will be hungry when he gets home. Titus is taking his after noon nap and when he gets up we will play and then i will feed him supper and we will wait for daddy to get home. Happy Thursday everyone! May God bless you all!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well today has been a gloomy day, its very rainy and gloomy outside, its weird how the weather can affect your mood also. Today i decided to try a new schedule with Titus and Kylie, their morning naps had been getting shorter and shorter so i decided today that i would keep them up from their morning naps and feed them lunch a little earlier and then put them down for one long nap, so lunch was at 11am and they were both down by about 11:50am or so to nap.............................and at 12:46pm................Titus was awake. So i had to go in there and lay him back down which of course is very dramatic and in starts a crying fit. Sometimes in the early morning he will wake up crying and i just go in there and hug him and lay him back down and he is fine and goes to sleep. This was a different case, he wasnt having any of it. So i rocked him a while, i figure it may take him a while to get adjusted to this new schedule and i understand that)plus i know he wont be a baby forever and i want to rock my baby darn it, lol) and then put him back down in his bed and 1:30pm he was a wake again, oh joy, so this time i am letting him cry it out and it has been approximately 9 minutes now. Hope he will adjust to this new schedule soon, or maybe i will have to go back to 2 naps again untill he is a little older, i dont know, we will see. Austin(the 4 month old i watch) and i are just hanging out here in the office, he is playing on the floor on this mat with toys hanging down from it, he loves it, just kicks and coos and goes to town, its really cute. Oh and speaking of my babysitting kids, i still havent introduced them like i should to everyone, i need to do that soon, and WILL do that soon ok. Anyway i hope everyone has a good tuesday and hope its not gloomy there. Tonight Titus and i are going over to my friend Gail's house to visit her and her son Logan and hang out for a while, her husband works at the same place as jarrell and they also work the same shift so when jarrell is working nights like tonight, her husband is also and she just lives up the street, so its nice that we can hang out like we do.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Jarrell!

Today i want to dedicate my blog post to my husband, Jarrell. He turns 24 today and i want him to know how special he is to me and how blessed i feel for having him in my life. We have been through a lot together from our first date at Ruby Tuesdays, to our wedding day at Grace Covenant Baptist Church, to our first rental home on Levering St., to our first baby, Elijah Davis Smith, whom we lost at 3 months conception, to our first owned home on St. Marys Ave., to our 2nd baby, Titus Jarrell Smith who was born healthy, what a blessing! All that we have been through has brought us closer, i know that God made you for me and me for you. I love you Jarrell! Happy Birthday!(P.S. I even liked you when you had a fro!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tell a joke Tuesday

Welcome to TELL A JOKE TUESDAY were you can tell your jokes or funny stories and make the world laugh. This was created by head over to his blog to read more funny jokes and stories.

Well i dont really have any jokes this week but i do have a funny story that happened today. Well here where i live it is about 78 degrees, the weather is beautiful, too beautiful to stay inside, but when you have 3 children at home(1 is mine and the other 2 i babysit mon-wed), its kinda hard to get outside when you dont have a fenced in yard. Sooo i decided that i would open the front door and then let the kids play and look out the screen door, they love it and its almost as if we are outdoors playing(not really but they like it). So today i went into the kitchen and came back out to the living room and for some reason Titus decided that he wants to lick the screen door and not just lick, i mean he was sticking his toungue all the way out and running it all the way across the screen. My first instinct was to get him to stop cause its probably dirty but then i watched him and it was so funny i just started laughing and couldnt stop and of course that provoked him more and he kept doing it. LOL! So theres a little humor for you, its one of those you had to be there times though cause it may not sound as funny as it really was. Also for all of you who know my son Titus i know you are laughing right now. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by "MckMama." You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This week i DID NOT go to Walmart a total of 4 times even though my plan was to go once a week and make a list of everything we need.

I DID NOT let Titus have a bite of almost everything i was eating this past week, even though i said i was going to stop because by the time i am eating he has already eaten his meal and doesnt need what i am eating anyway usually(something sugary usually), i just cant resist those puppy dog eyes and that cute face, im a sucker big time.

I DID NOT decide that i was going to paint 2 walls in Titus' room because i thought it was too boring, not me!

I also DID NOT get sample cards of paint colors to hold up in the living room because i am getting sick of all the walls being the same color.

I most definetely DID NOT go to Hibbett sport just to LOOK at the shoes they have and see if they had sandals there so i could get some for Titus later on and end up buying him the cutest pair of Lightning Mcqueen Crocs, well at least they are cute and worth it, lol!

I have definetely NOT been meaning to clean out the hall closet and the pantry in the kitchen and just NOT gotten around to it because every time i remember its not the right time, i am way too organized for that!

Have a great Monday everyone!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Child Vaccinations

About 4 months ago a friend of mine got me interested in reading a womans blog, her site is She is a mother of 4 and her 4th child was diagnosed with heart failure in the womb, she is a christian woman and her and her husband asked for prayer, they had millions praying, i was one of them, not even knowing them but having my own son, at the time, 10 months old, my heart ached for her. Anyway, long story short(i would encourage you to go to her site and read the full story of Stellan's healing) her son was completely healed, the doctors said he wouldnt be born alive and then once he was they said he wouldnt live past 3 months and he is a healthy baby boy now, past 3 months, and completely healed! I have been reading her blog ever since and i really look up to this woman, and respect her, and i dont even know her, she is a very informed mother and i have been praying that God will give me wisdom and guidance to make the right decisions in my own son(and future childrens) lives. My most recent research has been on vaccinations and i want to share this video clip:

I have really been studying and prayng about this and have decided(and of course will confirm my decision after dicussing it more with my husband) that Titus will not be receiving anymore vaccinations. He has received all of the required ones through age 1(before i was informed). I may in the future decide to give him a few of them but i do know he will not be receiving any of the one that are developed from the use of aborted fetuses! Read this article:

If anyone has further questions i can give you more research or would be glad to answer what i do know. Also this website: is very helpful. Become informed! Its so important for the safety and health of your little one. Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Honor Them Thursday

I decided to take part in Honor them Thursday, a once a month chance to honor those that have made a difference in your life. This was created by a guy named Wayne, he has a neat blog, check it out here:

Well for my first ever Honor them Thursday i decided i would honor my parents, Mark and Shari Fisher, they brought me into this world and raised me in a christian home and taught me good morals and values and for that i honor them. They have always been a good example and shown others respect. They are both very hard workers and have always worked to provide for our family. They love God first and then each other, which is the most important thing in a marriage. No matter what happens i always know they are there for me and behind me 100%. Thanks mom and dad, i love you both very much!

Monday, March 2, 2009

~Not me Monday!~

There is a blog i read everyday, i started reading it when one of my friends told me about a little boy who was diagnosed with heart failure in the womb and told me about his story. She gave me the URL address of the ladies blog and i have been hooked every since. The address is Anyway, she does this think on mondays called Not me monday and i decided to start participating, its a lot of fun to share your short comings as a mom and realize we are not all perfect and sometimes have to take short cuts for our own sanity purposes. Well here goes. oh and check out here link on the side bar of my blog and join in, its really fun!

This week i most definetely did not decide that i was going to set up a mini photography studio in order to photograph titus because he has not had professional pictures taken since christmas, and i most definetely did not give up right when i sat him down and he decided he wasnt have any of this and got up a walked away, lol! Oh and also last night when he woke up for the 6th time i did not finally decide to give him tylenol, ear drops, and orajel, because i had no idea why he kept waking up and then i also did not give him a whole cup of milk, i am a better mother than that and know exaclty what is wrong with my child all the time. Also right now as i decided i really needed to get on the computer and blog i for sure did not sit him beside me in an excersaucer even though he is 26 pounds and can practically turn the thing over, i would never do that! haha. Ok your turn, click on the sidebar not me monday link and have fun!