Baby boy will be here soon!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Be strong Stellan and Kate

Tonight i found myself almost darting for my computer once i had Titus down to sleep, i dont usually get on here in the evenings but my mind is filled with thoughts, and prayers right now. I found out today from my friend amy that a little boy who's mom blog i follow is back in the hospital, his name is stellan mckinney and here is his story for any of you who dont already know:

Anyway, ever since i heard the news i have been praying and praying that he will be ok and also just trying to understand why he is and his family are going through this. Tonight while reading titus his book before bed, after we said our prayers, i just sat and sang to him and rocked him.....nothing else on my mind but the fact that i am so thankful he is healthy and at home with us, i just took a deep breath and thanked God for that.

You know i think about Stellan and also about Kate, another little girl i am praying for who has a brain tumor, for her story go here, and i also would like to ask anyone who is reading this to join me in prayer for these 2 young ones and for all others out there who are struggling with things like this, please lift them and their families up in prayer. But i think about stellan and kate and it brings me to tears because i know that their parents are hurting, and they are so young and dont understand what is going on and why it is, it makes me wonder why do things like this happen to young precious ones, esp. the young ones of families who are beleivers and beleive and trust God and are serving him with their lives and how they live them. Why do they get diseases and tumors and have svt, why? It makes me angry, it makes me want to scream, it makes me want to take all their pain away and give it to someone older, someone who isnt a beleiver, and doesnt obey God and hates the things of God and wants nothing to do with them, THEY should have to have these horrible diseases, not Kate and not Stellan!!!!

But then i realize.......................God has a plan, God is mighty, God is just, God is soverign, God is all powerful. He knows what he is doing, and although this is happening to them, he is holding them in his arms, he is near.............Hold on Stellan and strong, our God knows best and he will heal you if it is his will to heal you, it may not happen today, it may not happen soon, but it will happen in his time, i dont know either of you personally, but i love you and i am on my knees praying for you everyday

Monday, July 20, 2009

Not my Child!

After just getting out of the bath it was not my child who, while i was finishing up the dishes decided he would go play in the window sill of the window dad opened earlier that mommy had no idea was open, that the dirt was probably built up from at least 5 years(guess i need to clean better), nope not my child!

It is not my child who decided after 12 months of sleeping soundly in his crib and laying down and going by himself that he no longer wanted to do that and now screams bloody murder any time you put him down to bed.

It is also not my child who can count to ten at only 1 and 1/2 but he gets a little mixed up at times and says 2 then 5 then 6 then 9, but hey he can do it! Im so proud!(had to put a nice one in there)

It is not my child who when you go into his room in the morning he will act like he wants out of his crib untill you go to pick him up and then he acts like he wants to lay back down and sleep and gives a little grin and then wants you to go to the door and say bye and act like you are leaving and then he will reach out for you again(he loves that game).

It is not my child who never cried when he was a newborn, every once in while if i let him get too hungry he would, but otherwise he would just fuss a little when hungry and otherwise sleep, now he has lungs bigger than any toddler i have heard and screams at random times in which scare me most of the time and make me almost have a heart attack.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where did last week go?

wow, i cant beleive its already saturday, where did this week go?!! Well that wasnt what i was thinking on wednesday afternoon when i can remember watching the clock, for some reason the afternoon drug along. But wednesday night was a lot of fun, Titus and i went to church and my god son Tyler's mom brought him to meet us there, he has been coming most wednesdays and going to class, he likes it and i am glad to get to see him and feel good about knowing he is learning about Jesus. Jarrell went to the Lake of the Ozarks wednesday morning to help my grandma get her boat in the water, little did he know that the boat had some problems and he ended up staying the whole day to work on it, but he said he had a lot of fun, he got to meet some of my family that he hasnt met yet either. Well they didnt get the boat running but he finally called it quits and headed home. He didnt get home that night(morning) till 3am! You would think i would be fast asleep but what was i doing??? Well i had called my good friend Megan, her husband works a swing shift and was working nights and we got talking and gabbing and ended up talking up untill he got home! lol! It made for a long day Thursday, i can remember hearing Titus wake up that morning and thinking "did i even go to sleep?" when he took a nap on Thursday i laid down also and tried to catch up on some sleep. Thursday night we all went to bed early, Jarrell was about to start on days friday, and Titus and i were worn out from playing at the park after waking up from nap. On Friday i had decided i would drive to Fayette for the day to see my family, i left early and then got back around the time Jarrell was getting home from work. It made for a long day, but it was nice to see them. Also my sister Becky cut my hair, she just got out of Cosmetology school, its nice to have a sister that can do my hair now! Exciting! Then last night, Jarrell, Titus and I just hung out here at the house, Jarrell taught me some songs on the guitar while Titus ran around and played(except for when he was trying to strum on our guitars), and we just all had a family night here at the house, it was a lot of fun, my favorite kind of night.

OnSaturday, this morning Titus and i got up early and went to the Farmers Market, we got a lot of great stuff, including, fresh blackberries, blueberries, and some homemade granold bars, yummy. Welll i am going to go ahead and publish this post and start on my "Not My Child blog post"(its a new thing that McMama started today), since its already monday and i started this on sat. morning, oh the life of a mother/wife/babysitter.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not Me Monday!(on Tuesday)

OK so i didnt get to my not me monday post yesterday b/c well..i was taking care of 4 children and once i got time Titus decided he was gonna wake up early from nap, so here i am, on tuesday, but i am still gonna do it!

If you dont know what i am talking about by me saying "Not me monday" then head over to which is where i linked to for this post. Mckmama always has a lot of good advice, i am so glad that my friend pointed me to her blog, i read it daily(sometimes more than once lol), so anyway head over there and read more if you would like.

Not Me Monday!

This week i DID NOT find a fruit snack on the carpet of the living room while picking up the toys and instead of throwing it away, throw it back down on the carpet, i mean i didnt want to waste it, and i thought "hey whatever kids finds it first? lucky them!" lol!

This week i DID NOT leave Titus in his pajamas for the entire day at least 3 out of the 7, because we werent going anywhere, i mean who wants to waste a good outfit on just staying home?

This week i DID NOT take the pack n play down b/c Titus kept crawling off the couch into it and instead of repeatidly getting on to him and giving him time outs in which i was exhausted i just decided "to heck with it", we dont need it there anyway.

I also DID NOT take all the tapes off the shelves that are in Titus' reach b/c everytime i leave the room its cue for take them all off and throw them everywhere

I DID NOT finish doing the last load of laundry on sunday, only to start it again on tuesday(laundry day) when i usually have it all done by wed night, not me!


I still havent posted about the fun that we had on the 4th of July, soon soon my friends, i will try to anyway, no promises, cause i still havent done this. Anyway, here is a picture that my neice Carly took of Titus and i the next morning after we all woke up and had Caseys donuts before everyone left.(we are both very tired as you can see, up late watching fireworks).

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ketchup Post~ Swimming pictures, and some thought about our culture

As i promised, here are some pictures from our swimming adventure on wednesday, it was lot of fun. My friend Rachel from church went with me and helped out with the kids, also my friend Gail met us and went too, she has a boy Logan, who is 10, we all had such a blast. Thanks so much Rachel and Gail for helping me! You guys rock!


Last Thursday my friend Gail came over to my house while Titus napped because i decided i was going to go get a spray tan, i had heard that a place here in hannibal had it and it was only $20, any of you who know me know that i am pretty pale, so i thought i would give it a shot since Jarrell and i are going to Louisville in August for a wedding he is in and i know i have to wear a dress, i thought i would try this instead of going to a tanning bed(dont think thats very good for you), and if it worked then i would go back right before the wedding, so this was a test run i guess you could say.....anyway, as i walked out of the salon after getting my spray tan, which by the way i LOVE and cant beleive it looks this real, as i walked out of the salon i ran into 3 young girls, couldnt have been past age 16(im only 25 but they just seem young for some reason lol), anyway one of them was on her phone and this is the conversation i heard(the i wish i hadnt have): In a yelling voice: "Well you need to stop playin her! He said you were sleeping with his ex girlfriend, and hes gonna come whoop your a##, you guys are just over there all day smoking weed at her house!" You stupid Mother F$#*%)!"
I just got in my car(which was behind another car so they couldnt see me), and i just sat there, probably for a good few minutes and just stared forward, then i started to pray, i was so discouraged. Then i started to wonder if i was just oblivious and nieve. Am i? I mean i just couldnt beleive that girls this young were involved in things like this and were talking the way they were. It broke my heart. Then i started to think about the young women at our church, and how i have been wanting to start a bible study with them, maybe this was God telling me to get with it and get this started all ready, we have been so busy this summer that a lot of things are being put on hold. But i looked up books yesterday and am planning on starting soon.

On friday Titus and i had a good day in Quincy. We went to old navy first and i got titus a pair of pj's that were 95% off, pretty sweet if you ask me. Then we went and ate at panera bread(my fav place to eat) and it was a blast. I got my usual, half a sierra turkey sand. and a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup. Titus got a grilled cheese and some organic blueberry yogurt(go gurt), we shared a drink, it was such a good time. Here is a picture from our lunch date;)

On Saturday Jarrell, Titus and i went over to eat at Scott and Martha Slaytons house, they are a couple from our church and their testimony is absolutely amazing and encouraging. I dont know all of it but i do know they were married and divorced and seperated(like in different states) for a while and then they both got saved and God brought them back together and restored their marriage. Its incredible and they are living proof of Gods grace and mercy. Here is a picture we took before leaving for their house:

We had a lot of fun, we ate steak, summer squash, potatoes, and martha can cook now, she blew me out of the water(not hard to do though, i am still learning), but it was really good. They gave us a grand tour of their cute little home, it has so much character, and it very homey. Then we all 5, with titus in the stroller decided to take JB(their sweet golden retriever) for a walk. They live over by HLG campus(where jarrell and i both went to college and met), so we walked through campus, and it was really neat actually, have so many memories there, some bad some good, but mostly good, and it was neat cause we told them kinda our story and how we met and got engaged and then Jarrell decided to tell them that i was a cheerleader, in which i try to keep kinda secret(and i just told my whole blog world), lol...but anyway martha was impressed and i told her not to be cause i wasnt very good, and although i did have to try out, we were nothing like what you would call varsity college level cheerleaders, but it was fun and i enjoyed it and met a lot of great christian people through it. When we got back Titus was getting fussy and i realized i didnt even bring a diaper for him(i am a terrible mommy, that needs to go on my not me monday post i am gonna do next!) SO we left and came home and got little titus into bed and watched Reba.

Sunday we went to church, as a family! I say it like that because Jarrell has to work every other weekend and so we dont get to go much as a family, because when he is off we go to visit our families out of town a lot and so we get to go as a family but not to our home church. So we went to church and then we went out to eat at pizza hut, we had the buffet. Titus was well behaved which made me happy because their were a lot of people there. Then we came home and put ti down for his nap and jarrell and i lounged around and watched Madea goes to jail, it was funny and had a good message as well, i really like all the tyler perry plays and movies. That night we went back to church and then came home and ate mcdonalds(we got out late so we just ran and picked something up), then titus got his bath, and i put him down and then we of course watched reba(we are on episode 14) and went to bed ourselves.

SO here we are, its monday, and i think i am all ketched stay tuned for my Not Me Monday post, coming soon...(hopefully if the kids nap as planned)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

wednesday fun

Today i am going to attempt to take a 18 month old(my little boy), a 22 month old and a 9 month old(my 2 part time babysitting kids), to the pool. Yes, i am very brave, but i also have help, a girl from my church whom i adore named rachel is coming over to help me with the children this afternoon, she is 12 and is a little sweetheart, i just love her family. Also my friend Gail will be there and she loves to help with the kids too, so i really think we will have a lot of fun. I will try and post pictures tomorrow of our little swimming adventure. Last night my friend Megan came over, we ate Subway and chatted(when we get together there is never a dull or quiet moment.) We could talk for hours and still have something to talk about, but i guess thats just how friends are. I am so thankful for her friendship, christian friends are hard to come by these days. Tonight we will watch our God son Tyler for a few hours, i am hoping i am not exhausted from swimming and still have the energy, but i know Jarrell will help me when he gets home from work. When Jarrell has to work the next day we sometimes do not go to church on wed nights b/c they do not have a nursery on wed nights and titus is still too young for class so he has to come to my class and with the age he is at right now, he wont sit still and wants to run, which i dont blame him, he is 1 and a 1/2. So unless Jarrell goes with me and we take turns taking him out or entertaining and the other gets to listen for a while, then i do not go, although i cant wait till i am able to go because i love our church family and am actually considering just going untill i cant contain titus anymore and then leaving, it would be worth it to hear something and also to be around my church family:)!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Future underwear model......

(you know if the whole pro golfer thing doesnt work out)

I snapped this photo of Titus the other night when he had just gotten out of the bath and was still in his towel. At only 18 months, what a handsome young man he already is growing up to be.........p.s. for those of you who dont know me personally, i would never really encourage the whole model thing, this was just for fun, i mean come on now, look how handsome this little guy is!(gets it from his dad not me).

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Excited about this weekend!

This weekend is the 4th of July! yay! We have pretty big plans, including something called Tom Sawyer Days which goes on downtown here where i live in America's Hometown. They are a lot of fun. Also my family is coming up to visit, well most of them. My older sister Marissa, her husband Steven, and their 2 daughters Carly 10, and Cayle 2. Also my younger sister Becky, her husband Cameron, and their daughter Malea-5 months. Tomorrow i will probably not blog, because i will be getting the house ready and shopping for all the food we will need. I am very excited. Last year on the 4th, Jarrell, Titus and I were in St. Louis for Jarrells family reunion which takes place every 2 years. It was a lot of fun. Here is a picture of Titus and i that Jarrell took in the hotel room:

Wow, cant beleive how little Titus was, and bald, lol! This year he will be running around!