Baby boy will be here soon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Be unto your name

This is a song that i have currently fell in love with, we sang it at church the other day and now i am trying to teach myself to play it on the guitar. Maybe sometime in the future i will post a video of me doing just that(maybe, if your lucky, lol). Here are the lyrics:

Be unto your name

We are a moment,
You are forever
Lord of the Ages,
God before time
We are a vapor,
You are eternal
Love everlasting,
reigning on high

We are the broken,
You are the healer
Jesus, Redeemer,
mighty to save
You are the love song
we'll sing forever
Bowing before You,
blessing Your name

Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain
Highest praises,
and glory
Be unto Your name,
be unto Your name

Monday, May 18, 2009

My how you have grown...

Titus loves to chew on any and everything these days...

He still likes to play in his old bumbo chair, but he is so big he gets stuck and laughs and laughs...

What a handsome boy in his dress shirt for church, he knows how to pose for the ladies...

He got some new pajamas at JcPenney, they are adorable, he is growing out of everything!

He is a serious driver...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not me Monday!

Yay, its not me monday! Like mckmama said it over at this truly is the best kind of therapy for moms i think. Well here goes:

This week i DID NOT forget to give Titus his antibiotics one night(for his ear infection) and since he was still up and playing in his bed i could have most definetely gone and did it but instead i decided to wait till morning knowing that if i went and got him and had to go through the fighting of getting him to take it, etc.(he doesnt like them), then it would only get him ralled up and he may not want to go back to bed, after all he was playing so peacefully in his bed and i knew he would fall asleep soon.

I most definetely DID NOT give in to Titus and just let him play with my metal fork after lunch even though i am terrified he will cut his mouth on it or stab someone with it.

I also DID NOT let Titus have way too much of my brownie yesterday at the Mothers Day dinner i went to because he kept wanting it and we were there with a lot of people and i didnt want him to throw a fit and embarrass me.

Finally i DID NOT make a trip to Walmart just to get C batteries because the little light up thingy on Titus' crib stopped working and he loves to lay and look at it and sing when he goes to sleep, after all, he would have gone to sleep anyway but i know he loves it.

Well there you go, want your own therapy? Post a "not me monday" post and then link it back to the link over at Try it, its fun!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Today as i got myself ready, you know the usual, get dressed, brush/straighten hair, floss and brush teeth, etc. I opened the hall closet to put on my deoderant and perfume and looked at all the stuff in there, we have so much stuff that jarrell and i have to have our own shelves, and the other is for sheets, towels etc. It really made me stop and know all this could be gone in a fraction of the time it took for us to accumulate it. Whether it be a house fire, a burgular, etc, it could be that.............GONE. Kinda makes you really think of things in a different aspect you know? Like who cares if i dont have as many clothes and shoes as i would like(esp. shoes, im a shoe fanatic), and who cares if our bathroom rugs are so old that the fringe on the edges is starting to come unattached, i have more than enough clothes and shoes and the bathroom rugs are still keeping our floors clean, fringy or not.

Well this weekend is going to be pretty relaxing, at least for titus and i, but jarrell has to work nights all weekend, bless his heart, he is such a hard worker, i am so blessed to have a hard working husband and i hope he knows how much i love and appreciate him!

Titus and i will be hanging out here at the house tonight, 2 girls from our church may spend the night also, depending on if their mom gets my message, i love having them spend the night, they are 11 and 13, and such a joy to have here, titus just loves them too and they are a lot of help with him.

I also may go to walmart, i need to get an ink cartridge for my printer and also some paint to paint the accent wall i have been wanting to paint in the living room, but im trying to find a good time because i dont want the fumes to be bad. Also with a one year old running around it may not be a good idea to be up on a ladder if you get my drift, haha~.......

Well i hope everyone has a great weekend, HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

~Titus is 16 months old~!





Titus is growing up soo fast, i cannot beleive the milestones he is accomplishing every day, this age is so fun! His vocabulary is expanding too. Children are such a gift from God, he brightens my life! I love you baby boy!