Baby boy will be here soon!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The latest

Its been over 2 months since i have posted. I have been very ill with morning/all day sickness with this pregnancy. But i am happy to say that i am feeling much better and so thankful for that. I am now 15 weeks a long, here is a picture i took yesterday, cant beleive how much i am showing!

Titus is 22 months old today~! I just cant beleive it. He loves his "dottie"(stuffed dalmation dog), and now has started trying to feed him breakfast, lunch and supper, well i guess the dogs gotta eat right? lol.... He is talking in sentences, mostly "i love you", "im gonna get you"(a game we play), and last night he said repeated after me when i said, "eat your cheese".
He is still in his crib, and i have no desire to move him out of it untill he tries to climb out, which thankfully hasnt happened yet.
He is getting used to the potty, i sit him on there before bath and i talk to him about it a lot, and also he goes into the bathroom with daddy when he goes so he can see how a "big boy" goes potty. He still isnt showing enough signs to actually start training him but i know it will be soon.
He is weighing in at 28 pounds now, when he was born he was in the 25th percentile for his age and now is in the 75th percentile, he's a growin boy!
Well not much else is really new with us, Jarrell has been working a lot of over time, the only reason i dont like fall, everything else is wonderful about it, just wish i got to spend more time with my husband but they do a lot of overtime this season. But we are really thankful he has that job, praise God! He has blessed us beyond measure!
I wanted to ask everyone for prayer for a little boy named Stellan, i have mentioned him before on my blog here, and he is very sick again, his mothers website is so please go over and read her blog and please pray for them.