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Friday, November 6, 2009


Today as i sit here and write this, my heart is heavy and my mind racing with many thoughts. This morning i found out that my roommate from college, khrista, had her baby at 8am yesterday, when she delivered her uterus became dettached as well and delivered with the baby. She lost 40% of her blood and they had to shock her twice to get her heart to start beating again. They had to perform a hysterectomy and remove her ovaries and also had to do a procedure to stop the bleeding, all which were successful, praise God! They have been keeping her sedated but she woke up long enough this morning to put her hand on her husbands. i am told that the next 48 hours are very critical and that she is in the ICU. Please keep her and her family in your prayers as i cant even imagine what they are going through right now. But there is still hope and i know they are trusting in the Lord to pull her through as we all are.

Hearing about Khrista this morning really got me thinking. Things that i would have normally stressed about today just seem so petty you know? Titus has been whining a lot lately, but you know what? He's alive and hes healthy, and also he is almost 2, so i know that i just need to realize this and know its a stage and handle it with patience. I think God uses things like this to not only make us realize certain things but also to bring us closer to him. I havent prayed fervently like i have all day in a long time, and i should, i should be on my knees everyday thanking him for everything and also praying for people.

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