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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Last night my husband Jarrell and i took Titus to get his pictures taken at Sears. It was a fun little adventure. We first went to the shoe section of Sears to get Titus some black dress shoes, his feet are growing so fast that he only has 2 pair of shoes and no dress shoes(he wears tennis shoes to church). I kinda crenged at the thought of 20 bucks for this pair of dress shoes he may wear a couple of times, but oh well, i am thankful we were able to buy them and have the means to. So anyway we got his shoes and headed to the portrait studio. The lady that took his photos was very nice and understanding, i am thankful for that b/c with him being almost 2 he really wants to do things his way and sometimes he just isnt going to do something no matter how much you want him to or ask him nicely. But she got a few good ones and also we took an updated family photo, our first one with the little one in my tummy too:) kinda neat to think of. So you want to see the results? Ok here you go.....

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  1. Those pictures are just adorable! It was so good to see you guys yesterday - even under those circumstances. Titus is so precious, and growing up so much! (Like I even need to tell you that)