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Monday, January 11, 2010

Titus-the name explained

Well as we get closer to our due date for our next little baby boy to be born, names have become something of higher interest in the smith household, well at least for me, Jarrell im sure thinks of it quite a bit too cause he will sometimes say a name when we hear one and ask me if i like it. But anyway, from all this name talk i decided today that i would explain why we chose the name Titus for our first born. We wanted to name our child a biblical name, that was a given, so when i was in labor we sat down and looked through the bible, now i know you are probably thinking "ok you had 9 months(actually longer than that cause i was over due), and you picked the day you were in labor?" just have to know us, we are very much spontaneous, i was not as much like this untill i married jarrell and i think he has rubbed off on me cause i find myself doing spur of the moment things now and not even thinking of it, where as a few years ago i planned everything. Dont get me wrong, i like to plan, but when you are married to someone like J you just learn to be ok with spontaneous acts such as these, i love him to much to get upset and mad over something that he just isnt going to change b/c thats his personality and the way he has always been.

Anyway, we sat down and looked through the bible, well i looked in between contractions, and read a loud during some of them so i could ignore the pain. Jarrell finally said "what about Titus?" thinking i wouldnt like it and we would continue to look but i did like it, so we were like "ok Titus it is". We already knew the middle name would be Jarrell after his daddy of course and i absolutely love Titus Jarrell, soo....Titus Jarrell Smith it was and it is, and it fits him perfectly! I love him! So i wonder when we will name the next baby boy?.....yep you guessed it, lets just say dont be looking for me to post it anytime soon, lol!!!!

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